Success cases at Go Orthodontistes

At Go Orthodontistes, Dr. Rosalinda Go and Dr. Nicholas Thorpe specialize in treating patients with Invisalign clear aligner technology. Since 2014, when Dr. Thorpe returned from his orthodontic residency and masters program at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, where the clinical testing for Invisalign was performed, both he and Dr. Go have… Read more »

What’s included in your Invisalign© treatment plan

Just like every smile is unique, your treatment plan and your Invisalign© journey will be too. You’ll see here how customizable each solution is to the issues of our patients, but it remains that there are general steps you can expect us to follow every time. We know it’s a big life decision to invest… Read more »

Is your case treatable with Invisalign©?

Gladly, the answer is most probably yes! With Invisalign© being the most advance clear alignment treatment on the market, orthodontists like us are now able to use it on almost all of the orthodontic cases we see in the clinic. Whether you simply want to perfect your smile’s appearance, you have a particularly complicated case… Read more »

Whitening: Things to know about getting a brighter smile

Brushing and flossing are recognized as everyday ways to keep your teeth bright, white and healthy. However, some people might require additional treatment if they notice a drastic change in color. This will usually be a very common problem for people who have worn braces and find their teeth stained when the braces are removed…. Read more »

Questions we will answer at your Invisalign consultation

At Go Orthodontistes, we offer a FREE consultation to everyone who would be interested in the Invisalign treatment. We understand that as it is not a small decision to make, you will want to be fully informed before committing to anything. And our team is there to help you achieve just that! Book your FREE… Read more »

Is Invisalign a Good Fit for Children and Teenagers?

Good dental health can play a huge role in your kid’s well-being, from helping with their confidence in ensuring proper physical development. It is recommended that an orthodontist examines a kid’s teeth by the time that they are 7 years old – even if they still have their baby teeth. Recommended Age for Kids to… Read more »

Are you cleaning your teeth the right way?

Maintaining your oral hygiene is crucial for the overall health of your mouth and teeth. And of course, the simple yet overlooked task of brushing your teeth is the most important part of your daily dental hygiene routine. While one typically brushes their teeth using a brand or type of toothbrush they are accustomed to,… Read more »

The History of Braces

While they may not be braces as you know them today, devices used to shift and straighten teeth have been around since the Ancient Egyptians. Thankfully, major advances in orthodontics have been made since then, and it’s now possible for braces to be practically invisible! ~ 2000 BC, Ancient Egypt Incredibly, archeologists discovered bands and… Read more »

The Best Foods to Eat for Healthy Teeth and Gums

One of the major benefits of Invisalign is the lack of restrictions in terms of what you eat, compared with metal braces that come with a whole host of foods that need to be avoided whilst wearing them. While it’s still important to remember to take your aligners out whilst eating or drinking anything other… Read more »

How your Invisalign© treatment works

Even though we’ve been using it for years now for our orthodontic patients, Invisalign is still new to a lot of people. We mostly know how traditional braces work, but what about Invisalign? We are here to answer that question as simply as possible for all of you. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, include no… Read more »