Success cases at Go Orthodontistes

At Go Orthodontistes, Dr. Rosalinda Go and Dr. Nicholas Thorpe specialize in treating patients with Invisalign clear aligner technology. Since 2014, when Dr. Thorpe returned from his orthodontic residency and masters program at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, where the clinical testing for Invisalign was performed, both he and Dr. Go have transitioned to treating 100% of their patients with this new technology, including all cases, from very simple to extremely complex. With their experience using Invisalign clear aligner technology, They are both able to achieve ideal orthodontic results, but in a process that is much more esthetic and comfortable, and also often more efficient than with traditional braces.

Orthodontic practices that treat patients using only clear aligners are not common, and there exist a lot of myths as to types of tooth movement or case types that are not possible to be treated with Invisalign. However, with the proper knowledge and experience, clear aligner technology can be used to successfully treat all types of orthodontic cases. Below are three different patients treated at Go Orthodontistes with Invisalign clear aligners, demonstrating Drs Go and Thorpe’s ability to use this technology in all cases, from simple to complex.


This patient presented with mild upper and lower dental crowding; however, the displaced upper right canine was very noticeable, and the patient showed a lot of the upper gums when smiling. Therefore, the treatment needed to address not only the crowding and the deep bite (overlap of the upper and lower front teeth), but also intrude the upper front teeth in order to reduce the gingival display on the smile. Another goal of treatment was to round out the dental arches in order to provide more width to the smile in the premolar area. This case was treated to completion in 14 months. From the final photos, the difference in gingival display and smile width can be observed, as well as the resolution of the crowding.


This patient presented with severe crowding, gingival recession, narrow dental arches and a crossbite on the left side. In order to resolve the crowding, and align the displaced upper left canine, the upper left premolar was extracted. Extraction cases are able to be performed with Invisalign if the correct attachment systems and tooth movements are used. This patient was treated in 24 months. While the upper and lower dental arches were expanded in width, care was taken to ensure that the upper and lower gingival recession did not worsen, and that all spaces between teeth were closed. The patient will eventually replace the two missing lower molars. 


This patient presented with very protrusive upper anterior teeth, and a large overjet (horizontal gap between the upper and lower front teeth). There was also a significant overbite (vertical overlap of the upper and lower front teeth) and moderate dental crowding. In order to retract the upper anteriors, and place them at the correct angulation, elastics were used in conjunction with the Invisalign trays. This patient was treated in 21 months – the final photos demonstrate the increase in smile width, as well as the significant correction of overbite, overjet, and dental crowding.

As you can see, at Go Orthodontistes, Dr. Rosalinda Go and Dr. Nicholas Thorpe have extensive experience treating all types of orthodontic cases using Invisalign clear aligners. We are able to use this state of the art technology to its full potential in order to correct orthodontic problems efficiently, comfortably, and as esthetically as possible. The cases above are a small sample of the many types of malocclusions that we can correct using our knowledge of clear aligner technology. Come visit us for a free consultation and see what we can do for you!