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Invisalign Montreal

Invisalign Patient
Invisalign Patient

Dental Crowding, Overbite,
Gingival Recession:

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Easy Comfortable
arrow You name it,
fixes it.

This modern technology is a great alternative to braces. Not only is it more
aesthetically pleasing
, but it is much more
to wear and
easier to wash & maintain
. The treatment is separated into phases with different sets of removable clear aligners to shift the positioning of your teeth.

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At Go Orthodontistes, Dr. Rosalinda Go and Dr. Nicholas Thorpe specialize in treating patients with Invisalign clear aligner technology. Since 2014, when Dr. Thorpe returned from his orthodontic residency and masters program at the University of the Pacific, where the clinical testing for Invisalign was performed, both he and Dr. Go have transitioned to treating 100% of their patients with this new technology.

Invisalign Aligners
We understand how much this journey to
a happier and more confident you
is important and demands careful thought and planning. That’s why we want to offer you a
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During that time you will find out:
How you will start your treatment plan.
How much it will cost.
How long your treatment will last.
How can Invisalign improve your smile.
How to fit Invisalign into your everyday life.
And more.


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