Questions we will answer at your Invisalign consultation

At Go Orthodontistes, we offer a FREE consultation to everyone who would be interested in the Invisalign treatment. We understand that as it is not a small decision to make, you will want to be fully informed before committing to anything. And our team is there to help you achieve just that!

Book your FREE consultation with us by sending us an email at info@goorthodontistes or calling us at (514) 849-5917.

We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions and assess your case in that very first meeting but we also encourage to come prepared! Bring up all the questions and concerns you might have so we can go over them together. Not too sure where to start? We’ve compiled here a thorough list of top questions to ask the doctor in order to get the most out of this appointment.

1. How will you start my treatment plan?
The beginning of the Invisalign treatment is the most complicated part. Ask our orthodontist to explain what are the steps to go through before you actually go home with your first set of aligners!

2. How much does the Invisalign treatment cost? Do you offer a monthly payment plan? Are extra visits because of problems included in the price?
We know Invisalign is a significant investment for you! We will be able on the first appointment to tell you how much you should be prepared to pay and what are your payment options.

3. How long will my Invisalign treatment last?
We know you are excited to see the final result; so are we! But even though Invisalign is much faster than traditional braces, it still takes some time to do its work. Our orthodontists will be able to let you know how long your treatment should last and set realistic expectations.

4. What issues can the Invisalign treatment fix for you?
It might be more than just making a few teeth straighter! Contrary to what many people think, Invisalign is actually a very effective treatment for more complicated cases.

5. What happens if I break or lose my aligners?
Discuss this possibility with our orthodontist and be prepared if it happens. Just like issues can arise with traditional braces, example with a wire breaking, Invisalign aligners are not indestructible.

6. How will Invisalign change my everyday life?
Invisalign aligners are much more flexible than traditional treatments as you can remove them whenever you want. There are still a few rules that are important to follow and you should discuss them with the orthodontist.

7. What happens once I am done with my Invisalign treatment?
First, you get to enjoy your brand new smile! Our orthodontists will have a few recommendations for you in order for everything to stay in place for the long run. Make sure you know this from the start.